libRTCTimer provides an interface to the RTC (real-time clock) which can be used to achieve a high precision and resolution. The design of the classes is rather simple: you just need a Manager-class which takes the resolution as its only argument and one or more classes that derive from a predefined class. In the new class all you have to do is override a method with the code that should be executed. Now you initiate the class and give it to the Manager and you are done.\n\nlibRTCEvents is a library providing a framework for writing events that can be scheduled as tasks in libRTCTimer.\n\nTo-date libRTCTimer can be considered as beta, while libRTCEvents is in an early alpha-stage. This means that further versions of libRTCTimer should be source-compatible. Only minor features will be added or bugs fixed. libRTCEvents on the other hand is not much more than a concept today. This will be the main place of work for the next months. The only thing it can do by now is scheduling a sound-event through [[jack|]]. The next things to be done are:\n\n*Add a graphics interface using ~OpenGL\n*Add support for collecting and reacting on responses (mouse and keyboard)\n*Add support for sending triggers though parallel, serial and usb ports\n*Reorganize the sound-system to use [[PortAudio|]]
If you wish to contact me you can do so by email via:
Documentation is provided through doxygen. Just issue the command in the root-directory of the source and the documentation will be generated in the "html" subdirectory.\n\nOtherwise you can also view the documentation for both libraries online:\n\n
Please download the current versions at the sourceforge project-page:
To make the start with this lib easier an example-programm is provided that shows the current set of features of libRTCTimer:\n
Coming soon...
/***\n|''Name:''|LegacyStrikeThroughPlugin|\n|''Description:''|Support for legacy (pre 2.1) strike through formatting|\n|''Version:''|1.0.1|\n|''Date:''|Jul 21, 2006|\n|''Source:''||\n|''Author:''|MartinBudden (mjbudden (at) gmail (dot) com)|\n|''License:''|[[BSD open source license]]|\n|''CoreVersion:''|2.1.0|\n|''Browser:''|Firefox 1.0.4+; Firefox 1.5; InternetExplorer 6.0|\n\n***/\n\n//{{{\n\n// Ensure that the LegacyStrikeThrough Plugin is only installed once.\nif(!version.extensions.LegacyStrikeThroughPlugin)\n {\n version.extensions.LegacyStrikeThroughPlugin = true;\n\nconfig.formatters.push(\n{\n name: "legacyStrikeByChar",\n match: "==",\n termRegExp: /(==)/mg,\n element: "strike",\n handler: config.formatterHelpers.createElementAndWikify\n});\n\n} // end of "install only once"\n//}}}\n
!Prerequisites\n[[SDL|]]\n[[JACK|]]\n\n!General Stuff\n[[Sourceforge|]]\n[[Freshmeat|]]
!!!3 October 2006: Website relaunche and more...\nAfter it has been a quite long time since there was anything new about this project, development has started again.\nSo the new website is up and running and there will soon be a new version of libRTCTimer providing some minor bug-fixes as well as a new version of libRTCEvents which will add some more features. So stay tuned.\n\nBTW: Development would be much faster if someone would be able to help me with some of the tasks. So if you are interested in this project and have some spare-time, just let me know!
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a C++ library providing classes for high-precision timing.